Turnkey projects

Used Oil recycling plants:

We offer the used oil recycling plants based on needs of the customers, their budget and technology need of the country.

We are offering three types of plants.

  • Solvent Extraction based High Vacuum Distillation Process
    The latest process of used oil recycling is dehydration, degassification followed by high vacuum distillation to separate the base oils. These base oils are treated with speciality solvents to extract the aromatics, polycyclics and colour carrying coumpounds. The solvent is reprocessed by distillation to regain with more than 99 % back from the process.

  • High Vacuum Distillation based Process
    The next process is Dehydration, degassification followed by high vacuum distillation to separate the lube base stock from the used oil, further treating with minimum quantities of activated clay like 4 – 10 % depending upon the quality of the clay being used.

  • Clay based Process
    Only clay based technology (where clay disposal is not a criteria. These plants are for the customers who are willing to setup used oil recycling industries with limited budget and where the countr is allowing more usage of the clay in the tune of 20 to 40 % depending upon the type of clay being used. This process involves mixing the clay with used oil and heating under moderate vacuum to separate out the carbon content and depaleted additives followed by cooling and filtration.

Waste fuel oil recycling plants

Almost all ports generate fuel waste which is a result of Ballasting and de ballasting operation of ships making some portion of fuel oils useless for them because of water contaminations. Our company offers turnkey solutions for these fuels oils recycling and making them usable again as a fuel in the burning systems. Also refineries generate some hydrocarbon oils, which cannot be processed there itself due to many limitations of quantities, specifications etc. We do offer solutions for these offline products from refineries to convert them to value added product streams.

Lube Oil Blending & Filling Plants

The plants being offered for this application consists of filtration of base oils, precise addition of various additives as per the formulations, mixing and filling in the various sizes depending upon the need of market like 500 ml, 1000ml, 3500ml, 5000ml, 10 litres, 20 litres, 50 litres and 210 litres drums. Depending upon the customer needs and budget we can offer manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic plants for blending, filling, capping, sealing and cartooning. Various sizes like 5000 litres to 200,000 litres per day plants can be offered.

Grease manufacturing Plants

Grease is a lubricant which is combination of oil soluble soap with different types of base oils. These greases are used where the liquid stage lubricants fail to lubricate the system due to certain parameters of temperature and viscosities. We offer grease manufacturing plants to make Calcium, sodium and Lithium Greases along with the filling plants.

Hydrocarbon distillation Plants

Oasis Is offering turnkey plants to make various products like white spirit, Mineral turpentine oils, Printing ink oils etc. Depending on capacity of plant and budget these plants can be offered in batch and continuous process.