Refinery Application Additives

Anti scaling agents

This is an Anti-scaling Agent for Crude Oil Sludge. It`s a package having many functions such as anti-scaling, anti-oxidation, deactivating, rust inhibition, Dispersancy etc. It is composed by a series of additives like Dispersants, Rust & Corrosion inhibitors, and scale removers etc.

Lubricity Improvers

We do offer a superior Lubricity improvement additive that has been specially developed to address wear problems in fuel pumps and to alleviate excessive operational and maintenance issues when burning low Sulphur fuels. The development of this product represents a break-through in the field of tribology, and incorporates the most recent chemistry in terms of Lubricity improvement technology.

Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitors

It’s an oil soluble/water dispersible ashless rust inhibitor recommended for prevention of rust & corrosion in pipelines, storage tanks, which generally takes place due to presence of water, mercaptants, nitrogenous and sulphur based heterocyclic compounds in petroleum products.