Lube Additives

Viscosity Index Improvers

The company offers various types of Viscosity Index Improvers like Olefin Copolymers type, Poly-methacrylate types depending upon various applications of automotive engine oils and speciality Industrial oils.

Pour Point Depressants

We do offer Pour point depressants of poly-methacrylate types for supressing the pour points of group I, group II and recycled base oils for automotive and industrial oils.

Rust Inhibitors

Unlike succinic acid half esters type rust inhibitors which have limitations due to high acid numbers, we do offer combination type of rust inhibitors with lower acid numbers working at the very low dosages to meet the requirements of ASTM D 665 (A&B). Our products rust inhibitors stand prolonged rust test durations where other conventional products start showing negative results. It can be used as a rust inhibitor for circulating oils, hydraulic oils, Turbine oils and also in first factory fill engine oils.


Our Company offers ash-less types Defoaming agents which perform excellent in all three sequences in routine and critical types of foaming applications in lubricating oils.

Thermic Fluid Additives

This product has beenformulated to give excellent thermic fluid characteristics to cover a broad range of heat transfer applications. The product should be blended with highly refined base stocks by using special refining techniques. Thermic fluid formulated with proper base stocks gives excellent chemical and oxidation stability with good heat transfer properties. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Radiator Coolant Additive

This is an extended life unique additive package system which makes antifreeze coolant with a minimum nitrite package of 0.25%. This package offer cutting edge organic acid inhibitor technology a better priced long life antifreeze additive package. This package is formulated with a proprietary stabilization system to improve the durability of its carboxylates salt base and extend its range of compatibility with both inorganic salts and organic acid salts based antifreezes.