Fuel Additives

Multifunctional Fuel Additives

Our Company is selling fuel additives under the brand name of Turbo Power Plus. (TURBO POWER PLUS)® is built around core ash-less dispersant/detergent technology for giving reduced Injector nozzle fouling to Improve fuel economy, power and emissions. We have dedicated ourselves for providing highest level additive technology, technical service throughout the Industries.

Decarbonising Additives

Decarbonising Additive is a new generation technology to clean your car’s engine and restore it to peak performance. This process is a breakthrough technology with science to clean more efficiently than any other chemical-based product or fuel additive. It is a package having many functions such as anti-scaling, anti-oxidation, deactivating, rust inhibition, Dispersancy Lubricity improvement and much more. It is composed by a series of additives like Dispersants, Rust & Corrosion inhibitors, and scale removers, antioxidants and Lubricity Improver etc.