About Us

The Chief Promoter of the Oasis Petrochem & Projects belonging to Chemical Engineering roots with more than 25 years rich experience in Projects erection & commissioning, commercial productions with world giants in Petroleum Additives in Mumbai, Petroleum Refinery like Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, a public sector Indian Giant Organization, processing different types of Crudes. Vast exposure to handling of process operations, Emergencies, start-ups, Shutdowns, Routine operations, of Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Towers, Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units with proven abilities in enhanced process controls with excellent analytical and interpersonal skills. A valuable experience of Designing, Fabrication, Testing, Erections, Installation, Commissioning and Training of the personnel at sites is an asset to this organisation.

The company is involved in turnkey projects for Used or waste Oil Recycling (Batch process, Continuous process based on Wiped Film Evaporators and other Short Path Distillation Systems, Hydrocarbon Distillations, Lube Blending & Filling Plants (Semi-automatic & Fully Automatic types), Grease Manufacturing Plants, Designing of Petroleum related Equipments, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Distillation Columns, P & I D, Debottlenecking of plants etc.

Another Division of this company is into manufacturing of specialty additives for lubes fuels greases and refinery applications. Various products like Viscosity Index Improvers, Pour Point Depressants, Rust Inhibitors, Ash-less type Defoamers (Antifoaming Agents), Amine and PIBSA based Dispersants and various packages for automotive and industrial lubricants. For fuels various products like Multi-functional fuel additives, Lubricity improvers, Corrosion inhibitors etc.

The company offers environment friendly, custom made, reliable, state of the art turnkey projects for:

  • Used Lube Oil recycling plants with clay polishing
  • Waste fuel oil recycling plants
  • Used Lube oil recycling plants with solvent extraction
  • Hydrocarbon distillation plants
  • Solvent recovery plants
  • Lube Blending & Filling Plants
  • Grease manufacturing Plants
  • Process Equipments